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luckyowl Mar 9 '16

Mushin’s shadow is divided into three types. If you want to pass, you need to beat them all.Of course,you can buy Blade & Soul gold make it easier.Mushin’s shadow has high evasion, the accuracy is suggested to over 800.

After entering Mushin’s tower floor 8, you will see Mushin’s Pain in the middle of the room. You can get the drop after beat Mushin’s Pain, after which you use the gem besides the Mushin to call out Mushin’s Rage before continuing to start fighting form.

The battle is over when you defeat the final Mushin’s Darkness. If you want to fight with Mushin’s shadow again, you can come out from Mushin's tower and enter again from the floor 1 or 5.

There is a time limit, and failure would mean failure. And the cause of time limit is the Searing Palm.

When you fight against Mushin’s shadow, you need to note one skill. It is the Searing Palm which is used repeatedly in the beginning of the battle after Mushin’s shadow uses Phantom Grip. At the same time, there will be a Searing Palm's debuff on the player. The debuff won't do any harm on the player, but the player will die once Searing Palm's time come to the end.

The Searing Palm cannot be avoid, so the pits cannot be avoid either. This can be understood as a mechanism to limit the time Mushin's shadow fighting.

Blazing palm

It is the most powerful among all the skills released by Mushin’s shadow. It is a non-defense continuous AOE attack skill. Take Mushin’s Pain for example, it will be used when the self defense still works. Rage and Darkness will be released when the player's health points are reduced to a certain degree.

The Blazing palm is a progressively larger AOE attack after the image of dragon is called out in the center of the room. Each attack can cause damage up to 10,000. Players should note that the things around Mushin’s shadow will be damaged at the moment when the image of the dragon appears.

It is very important to figure out how to resist or avoid all the AOE attacks in the face of the dragon. It is notable that there is a long interval between each attack. It is impossible to use Flurry, Five Point Strike and other resistance skills to dodge all 4 times attacks. The floor 8 has a high demand on DPS, so it is recommended to use Kaoliang Ju to resist damage and release output towards the boss after the second time to use the Blazing Palm.

Players need to wisely use some resistance skills and take advantage of the fact that the attack range of AOE grows larger each time. Only the final strike of the Blazing Palm can release damage to the enter room, so the player need to move to the edge of the room if Mushin’s shadow is about to use the Blazing Palm. You can use SS, Five Point Strike or other resistance skills. 

Mushin’s shadow is in the state of resistance when using the Blazing Palm while moving to the center of the room. It can be attacked when it is using the Blazing Palm. The player can take advantage of this moment to use Kaoliang Ju to release high damage. Another point to note is that there will be in the room a fire road on which the player will get continuous damage.

Note the ice on the ground

Mushin’s shadow use ice skills. When the player can't release enough, Mushin’s shadow will form ice on the ground after saying " You think you can get revenge with this!". When the ice is forming, you will get damage if you are around Mushin’s shadow. If you step on the ice ground you will get 4500 DPS.

Mushin's Pain will generate ice, and Rage and Darkness will jump five times to release up in the air before another onrush toward the player.

Although these skills can be resisted, there is icing effect which makes the player suffers the icing. Even if all the attacks are resisted, the player will be hurt by the blasting of icing. The moment the icing effect explode is the time to attack the player. You need to resistance skills at the moment of landing.

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yyyyy Mar 25 '16
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